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// Ohhh :3 And you don’t care about your birthday ? ( I don’t eaither since I don’t get anybody to share it with anyway ._.

[[I am just an anti social person who would rather sleep than spend money on a flashy party or dinner. But I am sure my friends are plotting something since they know how I am >.>]]

// well that how friends are ^^

;-; Okay. but I’m still here. Talking always.

// Thanx again. Don’t worry I’ll get better. I think.

don’t cry!!!!!!! don’t break apart. I’m here if you need someone

// I don’t think anybody can help me right now. But thanx. I just have to wait until I get my mood better… Just, waiting, would be perfect…

queenside a réagi à votre billet : .

// I can’t, and I don’t think its a good idea, I’ll just cry in my bed… My nerves are breaking appart

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// °° ?


I’m not exactly sure why.

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